“Thank you SO much for an inspiring day. It was brilliant and opened up a whole new world. You are very generous with your knowledge as well as your materials (and the delicious cake!) The only thing wrong was that the day went so quickly. My basket has been much admired!”


“The highly disguised parcel arrived yesterday and I was in the garden so was able to hear the tales from our postman how he got ragged by his colleagues in the sorting office that morning.  Nice that they can have some humour that early in the morning. The wrapping looks so good that I think I will need to leave it on – with maybe a ribbon to embellish – and a label for Lynn to find it.”


“I really enjoyed making it and thought you taught in an inspiring and creative way. The goose has been much admired – even our cat is fascinated.  I would certainly like to do some more sculpture and willow weaving, starting with an wigwam shape for plants to climb up.”


“Thank you so much for helping us weave our flowers – very satisfying.  You’re such a good teacher, the way you manage to get round to each person, all the while apparently keeping your cool & your smile!”


“Thank you for a great day on Friday.  We both felt that it was a fantastic way to spend a day (and birthday!) and are grateful that you shared your home and skills with us.”

Karen & Clive

“I really enjoyed the course and the length for me was just right. I appreciated moving forward in bite sized chunks. The fact that i did not completely finish my pig did not matter as you generously sent me away with willow to complete. Thanks again for a very enjoyable and thoughtfully structured workshop.”


“Mike had a brilliant day yesterday. He enjoyed meeting you and thought the course was very well run. The pig has been named Cuthbert and we took him round to friends last night where he was admired by everyone.”


“Thank you for giving us the fun time. It was really enjoyable although the time has passed so quickly. But we were lucky to have such a nice weather. I am going to finish my pig soon and I cannot wait to show it off to my friends!”


“We paid for the cattle that you created and yesterday some of the committee went to see them. We are so impressed. From the car park they looked real and part of the herd. When we got close up we could see how beautifully you have crafted them, down to the very last detail we noticed! For us, it is rewarding to see the money we have spent so well used, knowing that numerous people will enjoy seeing William, Willow and Whisper. You are to be congratulated on a job excellently done.”

Shirley – Chairman of Christchurch & New Forest Association (National Trust)

“Just to thank you so much for the course yesterday. It was great fun and everything we learnt will be so useful up at the allotment.”


“I really enjoyed the peacefulness of working on my cockerel and my other half thinks it is great.”


“Thank you so much for a brilliant day yesterday. I really enjoyed meeting you and the other ladies, and was delighted to leave with a passable goose!”


“Thank you for such a super day, I really enjoyed myself. You do live in an idyllic place, and Summer is a great little dog. My partner was quite impressed that he could recognise that my model looks like a pig.”


“Thank you very much for such a brilliant workshop today! Kate and I enjoyed it so much.”


“My partner and I have been to Cotehele many times over the years, and it’s so refreshing to see something new and different. We find your sculpture so calming and interesting. I’m sure it will be so wonderful to see the changes over time.”


“The completed sculpture looks absolutely fantastic! Can’t wait to see it sprout leaves, which should happen now we’ve had some good solid rain to water it.”


“Thank you so much for your patience and guidance during the cone basket workshop on Saturday. I am thrilled to have completed it in the day and went out to my hedge yesterday to see what I can gather for mark 2!”


“Thank you so much for the basket weaving course, I learnt so much that day, it was a great experience and I hope to be able to do many more of your courses in the future.'”


“Thank you very much for making the deer workshop so enjoyable, and for, in your brilliant way, making sure everyone had an animal to go home with.”


“The deer were a great success, Chris loved them.  Our neighbours thought they made a fabulous Christmas too!  Several of them were fooled and waited for them to move as did some of our visitors.”

Heather & Chris

“A huge thank you from me and my rooster (I’m calling him Sandford) for a most enjoyable day. It was totally absorbing and inspiring.  I think I’ll have to enrol for the next cockerel day so I can make a companion for Sandford (which will of course be named Orcas).”


“Thank you for such a wonderful day. Your patience and superb instruction allowed us all to achieve while also relaxing.”


“Thank you for a great day yesterday. We all thoroughly enjoyed creating owls.”


“Thank you for a really lovely day. It was so enjoyable from your expert tuition to spending time with new people. You may see me on another course!”


“Thank you for a brilliant course. We all had a really lovely day. Our badgers were sitting in the B&B dining room this morning!!”

Lisa, Jon, Steve Sharon

“The geese my wife bought from you for our anniversary present are really wonderful. I was very surprised when she unveiled them yet I was immediately taken with them as they are so good and because my darling wife thought of me they will be very much treasured.”


“Thank you for such a brilliant day. It was a great course and everything about it was amazing, the ambiance, timing of the whole day and above all learning how to basket weave was something I have been wanting to do for a long time and am now very excited for my first project.”


“Thank you so much for an absolutely brilliant day yesterday. It was the best birthday treat for me ever… You are such a great teacher, and generous with your knowledge and encouragement. The whole day was wonderful – from the warm welcome to the relaxing ambiance.”

Carole, Andrew & Lauren