As a child I always felt at home outdoors. Building dens and brewing potions out of plants, spending time in the woods with the creatures. Sadly, I witnessed the destruction caused by the building of the M25 and realised I wanted no part of an economy that prioritised money over the natural world.

Deeply held environmental and political beliefs led me into a nomadic and low impact way of living. Through my 20’s and 30’s I became proficient in crafts, using the natural materials around me. I learnt how to build a home, feed and medicate myself and my family with what grew outside of my door. I learnt how to work with the horses that lived with me –  to move my home, gather wood and till the land.

In 2003 I bought a mono-culture agricultural field and set about managing the land in order to increase and support biodiversity. Following a protracted and harrowing planning procedure I finally gained planning permission for a low-impact dwelling in 2014, which recognised that my lifestyle and use of the land were compatible.

The land now supports a rich variety of species as well as providing me with materials for crafts; herbs for cooking, health and beauty; food grown on organic principals and fuel for heat.