Market Garden

When moving from a life travelling with a horse and wagon to sedentary life in a field, I trained my horses to work the land, ploughing with a pair, harrowing, rolling and cultivating with animal traction tools. I completed some training at Chagfood, Devon and bought a Kassine with the view to setting up a small scale market garden here at By the Ford, concentrating on growing heritage varieties of vegetables with out the use of pesticides or herbicides.

‘Lockdown’ provided the perfect opportunity to begin this venture, as other work was suspended. This year my daughter and I have grown from seed, sourced from Tamar Organics, quite a selection and coming out of the ‘hungry gap’ we have plenty of veg. At the end of June we took our first delicious and colourful harvest and have started a veg delivery service in the village.

We are offering weekly ‘veg boxes’ of seasonal goodies, to be delivered on a Monday. We’ve decided to keep it simple and, for now, just offer one size, at £12.50, which includes delivery to a designated place at your address.

If you are interested in having a try, there is no need to sign up to any ongoing commitment – as we are new to this we just want to see how we get on. If it goes well we’d like to expand next year.


This is a new venture for us and we value any feedback or good ideas that you may have. Please do let us know if you have any questions.

July 2020